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Bindery Service

Stand Out with a Polished Print Piece

Bindery Bindery services turn your printed project into a polished marketing piece. This is a great option for printed materials such as catalogs, presentations, brochures, and more. Whether your printed material requires folding, cutting, scoring, perforating, drilling, or binding, we’ll finish your product to the highest standards.

Bindery Services We Provide

  • We offer various types of folding services for your projects, including single or half-fold, letter, accordion and many more options. This service is most used for materials like brochures.
  • Our cutting services create accurate and sharp cuts on any sized paper to suit your needs.
  • Numbering prints numbers on forms, receipts, raffle tickets, and more! Print in descending or ascending numerical order on paper and cardboard. This service will help you keep track of your documents.
  • For heavy stock paper, our scoring machine creates a groove along your paper product that allows the piece to be folded in a professional manner.
  • Our perforation machine creates tiny holes along paper which is useful for tearing off slips of paper, such as response statements and coupons.
  • We can drill one to three holes in a variety of sizes and drilled at the precise location of your specification. This is a great service for catalogs, brochures, retail tags and hangers.
  • Spiral binding attaches loose sheets by means of a plastic or metal coil being passed through punched holes. This is commonly used for reports, notebooks, and wall calendars.

If you are interested in bindery services, consider starting your project with our high-quality print and copy services.

Complete your project with our bindery services to create a more professional looking printed material.

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